Making Sure Your Epoxy Floors Shine

There might be one or multiple reasons that you use epoxy flooring.

It might be for durability for a commercial business, or to make sure that your home looks a certain way. Either way, one of the many reasons that people love epoxy floors is that they can look absolutely stunning when they are clean – to the point where they really catch your eye with the way that they pop and “shine”. Here are some ways to make sure that your epoxy floors not only shine when clean, but shine as much as possible, for as long as possible.

Prevent Possible Damage

This is probably common sense – but if you want your epoxy floors as a way to get them to shine, that means that you have to protect them first! When we are talking about garage floors, this means that you might want to invest in soft pads to place under your motorcycles and/or bicycles to make sure that your epoxy floor stays as intact as possible. If you are welding in your garage, you also might want to purchase an appropriate mat that can offer some kind of protection. You should also make sure that certain furniture in your garage floor doesn’t leave scratches on the coating.

garage floor shining

Consistent Maintenance

We all know that when it comes to cleaning, a little work can go a long way. One of the biggest issues when it comes to overall cleanliness is not addressing issues when and where they happen. This is why a sudden stain can lead to an overall blight on a carpet or wall, or dust that is left unattended will only multiply. It goes without saying that some consistent maintenance with regards to both dusting, mopping, wiping, and more, can definitely help make sure that your epoxy floors are as impressive as possible. Check out our article on How to Maintain A Clean Epoxy Floor for a list of do’s and don’ts.

Epoxy mop and bucket

Yearly Checkup

Of course, making sure that you floors shine is more than just about making sure that there is no damage and taking some action to maintain it. It’s also about doing something that really makes your floors pop! Here’s something that you can do once a year to make sure that your epoxy floors are up to par.

First and foremost, hose the entire floor with hot water. Afterwards, use a squeegee or something similar in order to dry off the hot water. This will definitely help with overall cloudiness that might arise because of dirt and foot traffic, which is bound to happen in a garage of any kind. If the floor still isn’t clean – simple: that’s when you grab the all-purpose cleaner and get to work. After all, the right garage floor can certainly make an impression on customers and/or guests, and reputation goes a long way.

If you think that this might not be enough – you might want to make sure that you do this every six months, and even add some ammonia solution to the mix. Feel free to adjust the time schedule to fit your needs and purposes.


No one wants to have a dirty garage floor  to present to visitors. We all know that any kind of permanent damage can really mess things up overall, so do the best to make sure that doesn’t happen. After that, maintain your garage floor the same way you maintain your other floors. Lastly, take extra care to make sure that you do the most every year (or six months) to ensure that your epoxy floors really shine.

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