Is Brew Floors a manufacturer?

Yes… Brew Floors specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of coating systems. We are the country’s premier specialty coating producer and sell our product range worldwide. We have a large variety of designs and are constantly bringing new and innovative products to the market. Brew Floors Technical Staff has over 100 years of combined floor coating experience to be able to offer the most competitive pricing, technical and installation support,  and products that are of the highest standard.

What does “Job on a Pallet” mean?

Our “Job on a Pallet” DIY Epoxy Coating Kits include everything you will need to properly install your floor. We package all of your items on a pallet and ship it off to you hence where the term came from. This would include all of your product/material as well as Prep/etch solution for prepping the floor, Roller pad, Roller Frame, Mixing stick, Non-skid additive, Mixing Bucket, Instructions, and Spike Shoes.

Where Can Brew Floors be installed?

The versatility of Brew Floor systems ranks it the ideal product for installation in many different environments ranging from domestic applications at home breweries, bars, restaurants, micro-breweries, small and large wineries up to large industrial breweries and wineries.

Are Brew Floors product’s hard to install?

No, in fact installation of our products in most cases is just like rolling paint on a garage floor! Many of our customers tell us how easy it was to install their floor and how much fun and satisfaction that they got from doing the work with their own labor, and how our complete “Job on a Pallet” kits made the project fast and easy.

Can Brew Floors products be used on Wood flooring?

No, our products are not designed to be applied on wood as wood can crack leading to floor swelling and possible failure if water is present. We sell a special flexible membrane system that can be used along with the wood being cross laid screwed and caulked. If you choose to apply our products over wood we can not issue any warranty.

Can I get samples?

Yes, we offer both dry sample chips at no charge for our stock products, and liquid samples are available for testing at nominal expense which is refunded when you purchase. Please call or email to order.

What If I need help with my floor or don’t want to install it myself?

Brew Floors products are all easy to self install. In cases where the projects are on the  larger side, we can arrange to have an installation team travel to you, or send a supervisor to assist your staff/labor with the proper methods and techniques for installation.

Does Brew Floors have a guarantee for their products?

We guarantee our floor cover products will protect your brewery, bar, or garage concrete floor for at 5 years. We strive for fully satisfied customers and will do our utmost to assure your complete satisfaction. Simple as that.

Can I apply a discount code after I have placed an order?

All discount codes must be entered along with the initial order. We can not retroactively go back an apply discount to already placed orders.

Can Brew Floor products be used outdoors?

Depending on the exterior and if there is direct protection from the sun/rain, then yes. Our products should not be directly exposed to sun/rain though as the products featured on our site are not deigned for this use. If you are looking for outdoor and exterior epoxy products simply contact us as we do not list these products on our site but do sell these through ArmorPoxy.

Is shipping international going to cost more?

Yes, because most of our materials require special shipping internationally, the cost will be increased. To Canada there is 2.2X multiple on all orders. Other countries will vary. To find out more please contact us directly and will provide you the lowest possible shipping quote. Note: We do ship to Hawaii!