Is Brew Floors a manufacturer?

Yes. Brew Floors specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of coating systems. We are the country’s premier specialty coating producer and sell our product range worldwide. We have a large variety of designs and are constantly bringing new and innovative products to the market. Brew Floors Technical Staff has over 100 years of combined floor coating experience to be able to offer the most competitive pricing, technical and installation support,  and products that are of the highest standard.

Are Brewfloor products USDA and FDA compliant?


Yes. All BrewFloors products are USDA/FDA compliant. 

FDA:All Brewfloors flooring systems are FDA compliant as per the FDA and Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) US Food Code 6.101.11 Surface Characteristics.6-101.11 Surface Characteristics. (A) Except as specified in (B) of this section, materials for indoor floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces under conditions of normal use shall be: (1) SMOOTH, durable, and EASILY CLEANABLE for areas where FOOD ESTABLISHMENT operations are conducted; (2) Closely woven and EASILY CLEANABLE carpet for carpeted areas; and (3) Nonabsorbent for areas subject to moisture such as FOOD preparation areas, walk-in refrigerators, WAREWASHING areas, toilet rooms, mobile FOOD ESTABLISHMENT SERVICING AREAS, and areas subject to flushing or spray cleaning methods. 

Reference: https://www.fda.gov/media/110822/download (page 117)

USDA:All Brewfloors flooring systems are USDA compliant as per the USDA Sanitation Performance Standards Compliance Guide. 6-201.11 Floors, Walls, and Ceilings. Except as specified under § 6-201.14, the floors, floor coverings, walls, wall coverings, and ceilings shall be designed, constructed, and installed so they are smooth and easily cleanable, except that antislip floor coverings or applications may be used for safety reasons.

Reference: https://www.fsis.usda.gov/inspection/compliance-guidance/sanitation-performance-standards-compliance-guide 

What is the difference between the BF II and BF III Kit?

The Brew Floors II is a 2 Layer Epoxy Coating System best used in small breweries, kitchens, storage rooms, and taprooms. The Brew Floor III is a 2 Layer Novolac Acid/Chemical Resistant coating System. It’s best used in commercial breweries and distilleries where the environment is hostile. The Brew Floors III is 3X more chemical and acid resistant than the Brew Floor II. The reason is that the Brew Floors II is a traditional high-performance epoxy with a urethane military grade topcoat. The Brew Floors III is what we refer to as a”Novolac” system which is the same system used for battery storage areas and in chrome plating facilites. Even though the thickness is similar, the resistance of the Brew Floors III is much more because they are different products. 

What does “Job on a Pallet” mean?


Our “Job on a Pallet” DIY Epoxy Coating Kits include everything you will need to properly install your floor. We package all of your items on a pallet and ship it off to you hence where the term came from. This would include all of your product/material as well as Prep/etch solution for prepping the floor, Roller pad, Roller Frame, Mixing stick, Non-skid additive, Mixing Bucket, Instructions, and Spike Shoes.

Where Can Brew Floors be installed?

The versatility of Brew Floor systems ranks it the ideal product for installation in many different environments ranging from domestic applications at home breweries, bars, restaurants, micro-breweries, small and large wineries up to large industrial breweries and wineries.

Are Brew Floors product’s hard to install?

No, in fact installation of our products in most cases is just like rolling paint on a garage floor! Many of our customers tell us how easy it was to install their floor and how much fun and satisfaction that they got from doing the work with their own labor, and how our complete “Job on a Pallet” kits made the project fast and easy.

What size cup wheel should I use when diamond grinding?

For an initial coarse grind that is prepping the floor for an epoxy application you will need to select a cup wheel with a diamond hardness of about 35 to 50 grit. The grit is a rating of the size of the abrasive material (synthetic diamond particles) of the cup wheel. The higher the grit number the finer the abrasive (for smoother finishes) . The lower the grit number the coarser the abrasive material (scrapes off materials much quicker).

Can Brew Floors products be used on Wood flooring?

Our products are not designed to be applied on wood as wood can crack leading to floor swelling and possible failure if water is present. The only system we sell that is suitable for a wood flooring substrate is our Brew Floors IV product. You would first need to install cement boards, caulk and then lay down our Brew Floors IV system. Our warranty can not be extended on any wood flooring substrates. Please note that if there is sub surface movement from expansion, contraction or anything it could cause cracking at the seams.  There is no solution for this, but it’s easily touched up. If you have specific questions on your project please reach out to us and we will do our best to help guide you.

Can a skim coat be used to create a flooring pitch?

Yes but this is not something we would recommend as skim coats can crack over time. Skim coating or cementitious type floor levelers likes Ardex or Laticrete DRYTEK are not meant to be applied for floor pitching. However, it can work using a gauge rake. If there is a lot of leveling to do it may require excess material.

Can I get samples?

Yes, we offer both dry sample chips at no charge for our stock products, and liquid samples are available for testing at nominal expense which is refunded when you purchase. Samples for two layered systems are $50 plus shipping. Please call or email to order.

What If I need help with my floor or don’t want to install it myself?

Brew Floors products are all easy to self install. In cases where the projects are on the  larger side, we can arrange to have an installation team travel to you, or send a supervisor to assist your staff/labor with the proper methods and techniques for installation.

Does Brew Floors have a guarantee for their products?

We guarantee our floor cover products will protect your brewery, bar, or garage concrete floor for at 5 years. We strive for fully satisfied customers and will do our utmost to assure your complete satisfaction. Simple as that.

Can I apply a discount code after I have placed an order?

All discount codes must be entered along with the initial order. We can not retroactively go back an apply discount to already placed orders.

Can Brew Floor products be used outdoors?

Depending on the exterior and if there is direct protection from the sun/rain, then yes. Our products should not be directly exposed to sun/rain though as the products featured on our site are not deigned for this use. If you are looking for outdoor and exterior epoxy products simply contact us as we do not list these products on our site but do sell these through ArmorPoxy.

Is shipping international going to cost more?

Yes, because most of our materials require special shipping internationally, the cost will be increased. To Canada there is 2.2X multiple on all orders. Other countries will vary. To find out more please contact us directly and will provide you the lowest possible shipping quote. Note: We do ship to Hawaii!

What are the differences between your own products and polycuramines?

Polycuramine is a VERY THIN hybrid Polyaspartic coating made by Rustoleum. They are NOTORIOUS for giving VERY LITTLE material in their ‘squeeze packages’ so you end up needing to buy 2-3x more kits than they advertise. This is not suitable for a brewing environment. They do not publish anywhere the quantity of liquid in their packages, you need to call them to find out (We did!) Their coverage when you investigate and do the math is 520 sq ft/gal so it’s a very thin and unreliable coating (and therefore very easy to damage).

Can our products be used to build up the thickness of the final coating?

Yes, all of our coatings can be layered on-top of one another. What that means is for example if you purchase the Brew Floors III System you could add two layers of topcoat to build up the thickness. If your goal is to have the thickest coating possible then we would recommend our strongest and most durable epoxy mortar, the Brew Floors IV System. Please note though every epoxy coating can be chipped at some point during its lifespan. Even the Brew Floors IV can be damaged if a heavy edge of a hose fitting was dropped on the floor.

How do I prep for a re application with the Brew Floors touch up kit?

We suggest using a 3M red pad on a floor buffer to scratch the floor up. If you would like a more aggressive prep then sanding with a 150 grit pad is advisable. Ensure to vacuum and sweep thoroughly and then wipe down with denatured alcohol as the final step. Wait for the floor to dry and re application can begin.

Should I make slot cuts near the drain?

Yes, cut slots into the floor at 1/8″ W x 1/8″ D. Slots should be close to drain to allow for clean finish when applying the coating. See diagram here for more info

What should I do if I have moisture in my concrete?

We suggest running a moisture test prior to any epoxy application where there is a possibility of potential moisture issues. Please buy a calcium chloride test. If the readings show a number greater than 3.5-4 than this means you have significant moistures issues. You will either have to use a special moisture barrier epoxy and MUS T shot blast for adhesion, or use a product similar to our Brew Floors IV which is moisture tolerant. 

Should I make slot cuts near the drain?

Yes, cut slots into the floor at 1/8″ W x 1/8″ D. Slots should be close to drain to allow for clean finish when applying the coating. See diagram here for more info. 

The coating color is not uniform after it dried. What should I do?

Not a problem! Our systems can easily be re top-coated over. Contact your sales rep and they can assist in placing a new order. Follow the floor re prepping process above. Make sure to mix up all of the Part As in a bucket to ensure a uniform color result. Ensure to take note of the mix ratio as per the instructions for the specific system purchased and then re apply the coating.

Do I need to shot blast as the prep method for the Brew Floors IV?

Yes! This is EXTREMLEY important. If you do not shot blast the floor aggressively you run the risk of floor coating failure. Because the Brew Floors IV is an epoxy slurry mix it needs to bond to a floor that is porous and not smooth. If the coating can not grip to the floor enough the bond will be weakened. If you do not have access to a shot blaster or can not rent one locally please reach out to your sales rep and they can assist in locating a dealer that may have available rentals.

California orders:

For CA orders please allow an additional 5 business days for transit time. Please allow us prompt time to ship your order. We can’t expedite shipments to CA.

How much nonskid additive should I apply to my coating?

If using aluminum oxide please use the following ratios – 1 lb/100 sq ft. so 600 sq ft about 6 lbs. You will throw the aluminum oxide onto the floor while still wet, then encapsulate it with the topcoat.

If using armor grip (white powder) then mix one bag per gal of topcoat. This will be mixed directly into the topcoat before application.s