About Us

Brew Floors was started as a solution provider Breweries and Wineries. One of a brewers most important things that has to be done is to “take care of your floors first”, but many brewers do not have the time and resources to do this. The commercial options we found were thousands more than what a typical project would budget for. In addition, many smaller breweries or home brew rooms were just too small to even get a flooring contractor to even show up and do the work.  Brew Floors has solved this problem by selling complete kits for virtually type of floor and any budget. Professional floor applicators either dont’ know the requirements of protecting a brewery/winery concrete floor or quoted over  $10-$15 a square foot to epoxy or urethane the floor. We have the perfect products and processes to provide breweries, wineries and brewers an easy to apply,  affordable, and high quality end product. Brew Floors has been providing premium floor systems to breweries all around the world. Now, starting at just over $1 a square foot you can have a high performance floor coating that is easy to apply, maintain and you can count on for years to come.    


Feel free to contact with us.  Our team will reply within short time.