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What are the 2 Best types of Brewing Barrels?

2 Best types of barrels. Well, depending on how you perceive the word “barrel”, the first thing that rings in the mind of many is the renowned Rifleshooter long gun used in the force by the military or for hunting. In the layman’s language, Barrels are simply defined as storage containers for wines and refined […]

4 Key Facts that All Breweries Must Know About Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floors are an amazing option for commercial as well as industrial flooring! Breweries, microbreweries and home breweries are among the most common industrial environments that benefit from the sturdiness and durability of the flooring. Here is a list of interesting facts that every brewer must know about epoxy flooring.   Epoxy floors are more […]

Four Myths about Epoxy Flooring Debunked

Four Myths about Epoxy Flooring Debunked More than often concerns about epoxy flooring involves misconceptions and baseless myths. In reality, epoxy flooring is the best choice for breweries, wineries, basements and garages. Read on the find out the reality behind some of these common myths. Myth 1 Epoxy flooring involves complicated application Times have changed […]