Floor Coating Systems- Features and Advantages

Floor Coatings Systems, the practices which are used in applications where corrosion and heavy surface wear is expected. These are a type of tough and protective layers to the floor surface. This system is typically used in warehouses, chemical plants and manufacturing floors, where forklifts and heavy shelves are being used. This system can protect the surface from carking and chipping. This coating system also works to protect the surface from the harmful effects of spilled chemicals in a chemical plant. These systems are helpful too in resisting slips and trips on floors. These can also be used to brighten and defining areas of facilities, which can result in less confusion and easy working and also reduce the accidents. These coatings are available in different colors to make a specific impact on the eyes. In a mean to define the traffic aisles, route traffic, and cover stained concrete, these coatings are used. Brew floors is an industry leader in this business, dealing since 1998, providing Epoxy Floor Coatings services in each sector i.e. commercial, industrial and residential and also dealing with the related products. These coatings are different in terms of features. Most products are included sealers and sealants. Sealer is used to protect the floor surface from wear and oxidation.

Features of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • These Coatings are used in industrial floor coatings, as these work as chemical resistance, low porosity, and strong bond strength. These coatings are unique as of their durability.
  • A “base” and a curing agent have consisted of these coatings. A mixture of both components in a certain ratio is being prepared. A chemical reaction between generates heat and hardened the mixture into a hard ‘plastic’.
  • Epoxy coatings are generally hard and brittle, which is a positive property of it as a resistance to chemical effects.
  • These coatings are available in special formulation for increased chemical resistance and increased temperature resistance. Also available in a formulation to apply underwater and increases resistance to yellowing and UV damage.
  • Special high-temperature epoxies are available, generally standard epoxies floors begin to soften at degrees F and re-hardened with the reduction in temperature.
  • These coatings can be installed easily in 65 and 85 degrees F. After curing these coatings can handle well, below Zero Degree F and above 300 degrees F temperature.
  • These coatings are top coated with latex, urethanes, and polyaspartics for attractive goals. Theses coatings are common and demanding in nature.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Seamless Surfaces and Easy to Learn

These coatings result in a seamless surface and can be easily cleaned of any dirt, debris, and dust. These are ideal for pharmaceutical preparations, packing plants, food, and beverages.

Stain and Water Resistance

If your floor is coated with epoxy, then it is a non-porous surface, which is ideal for painting, woodworking and care maintenance, where messes and spills are the orders of the day. Epoxy flooring is also a resistance to stains, so you can easily clean the floors.

Damage Resistance

The most admirable advantage of these coatings is, your floor will be unaffected even after a brutal treatment and emerge unscathed. There will be no dirt scratching and debris. A fall of heavy objects and tools will not be bothered by these floorings.

Easy Preperation

These Coatings does not require a difficult process for preparation. Before installation these coatings you need to completely clean and dry the surface, otherwise, there will not be a proper bonding. So it’s better to contract with an experienced and demanding brand.

Epoxy Floor Coatings are the hard-wearing and durable solutions for commercial, industrial and residential flooring. It offers high performance and attractive flooring, on top of the concrete floor. Brew floors offers you a team of experienced and experts in installing this coating in various industrial, commercial, warehouse facilities, manufacturing plants, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings. Along with these coating systems, also providing products related to coatings. You can have a proper solution to all your requirements related to epoxy coatings. Products are of very high quality and available as per the demand of the market also introduces the new and upgraded formulations of the products as analyzing the market demand and requirement. It also manufactures and direct supplies the coatings to provide the real product to the customer and to reduce distribution and middleman.