What are the 2 Best types of Brewing Barrels?

2 Best Types of Barrels

Well, depending on how you perceive the word “barrel”, the first thing that rings in the mind of many is the renowned Rifleshooter long gun used in the force by the military or for hunting. In the layman’s language, Barrels are simply defined as storage containers for wines and refined breweries.

In a brewery, a barrel can also be called cooperage, which are not limited to buckets, pot containers, tubs, tuns, butter churns, tierces, hogsheads, firkins, puncheons, kegs, kilderkins, rundlets, pipes, and butts. They’re in one way or the other used in the storage of raw materials and finished products in the brewing industry. So in essence, if you’re looking forward to buying a barrel(s) for such use, here are two best types of barrels you should be looking at — and they’re both simply made from oak tree.

Bordeaux Barrel

Bordeaux barrels are the type of barrels made typically from Quercus robur or Quercus sessiliflora, which are both french style oak used in the ancient times for making of wine barrels. The Bordeaux barrel is one of the best types of barrel which can hold up to 59.43 gallons of wine and is used for many types of wine.

Hogshead Barrel

Hogshead barrels are not anywhere compared to the bordeaux barrel types when it comes to size per container. The Hogshead holds up to 79.25 gallons of wine. And it’s puncheon comes in both size plus approx incredible 132.08 gallons.

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