The Benefits of Using an Epoxy Primer on your floor

Epoxy floor primers far too often go overlooked when applying an epoxy floor. Whether it be that the customer not know of its existence or believe that they do not need it to achieve the same type of high quality end result, epoxy floor primers are a vital piece of any properly installed floor.


Epoxy primers provide numerous benefits for your floor coating. All of our Brew Floors products (with the exception of the BF I which a self priming 1 layer, 2 part system) come with a epoxy primer coat. In our experience many failed epoxy floors are due to not installing a primer before laying down the epoxy coating. Besides being an extrmeley thin and easy to work with product, our non-water based primers have a variety of advantages over cheap store bought epoxy alternatives. If you want a long lasting product that allows for proper application then using a primer is highly recommended.


Take a look below to see some of the benefits of using an epoxy primer and how they work.


epoxy primer

For more on this topic visit all garage floors and check our their article on epoxy floor primers.


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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Using an Epoxy Primer on your floor”

  1. My husband is wanting to redo the garage floor but is wanting to know what the best kind for him will be. It’s good to know that when it comes to using a epoxy coating that there are actual benefits for using it. I like how you pointed out that one of the benefits is that it is long lasting. This will be great to have so that we don’t have to redo it again any time soon.

    1. Hi Alex, Epoxy Floor Coatings when applied correctly will last for a long time. With proper maintenance and care our epoxy systems will maintain there integrity for about 7-10 year before needing a recoat. We have seen floors that have ben down for over 15+ years and still look like new. Depending on the environment you are in, how much traffic the floor receives, and how well the floor was installed will all be factors in a floors life span. If you ever see an epoxy product that states “Ever-Lasting”, I would recommend not buying this as all epoxy floors will need maintenance and recoating at some point. If you have specific questions on any of our products feel free to email us at as we currently have have a summer discount of 10% going on!

  2. It’s interesting to know that it is recommended to using epoxy on your floor to prevent future problems. My husband and I are thinking about remodeling our garage, and we are looking for advice about what to do. I will let him know about your recommendations to choose the right materials.

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