The benefits of using an epoxy floor

The benefits of having an epoxy floor are numerous, and after visiting the Brew Floors website, you’re probably curious on why you should upgrade your floors to an epoxy base. Besides the easy application process, epoxy floors are extremely durable. Unfortunately accidents are bound to happen in the workplace. Picture this scenario, a large metal object falls crashing into your floor.  This would normally damage any concrete floor, leaving a dent. As more of these unfortunate accidents occur, your workplace will look less clean and more decrepit. However with the durability of epoxy floors, you won’t have to worry about the damage. Skiffs and scuffs are a natural occurrence in high traffic areas and this will leave your floors damaged and show their wear and tear; However with epoxy floors, you’re business environment will look crisp and professional.


Epoxy floors are also extremely easy to clean, and will not need any extra care, they can easily be wiped -free of naturally occurring dust and dirt. Having a clean work environment is essential when preparing your products, especially if tours are given throughout the property.  There are also many style options available for your epoxy floors through Brew Floors. No longer will you have to deal with the dull concrete which can be an eyesore to guests visiting your brewery. Several color options provided by Brew Floors, include khaki tan, light gray, medium gray and tile red.

Brew Floors III Khaki Tan


Safety should also be a concern when choosing what flooring should be present in your work environment. Epoxy is a chemically resistant surface, so any accidents on that front, will ensure that your floor is not damaged. Epoxy floors are also resistant to many potential occupational hazards. They are fire and heat resistant, as well as slip and impact resistant. They also won’t stain easily if anything does spill on your floor. Epoxy is also a high gloss floor coating which can help light your workplace several times over.  This added protection to your employee’s is an invaluable asset to your company.

There are other benefits to epoxy floorings that one might not normally consider. Thanks to epoxy’s durability and sleek surface, vehicles operating in your facility, such as forklifts, will gain an added mobility bonus. The flooring will also limit the wear on your transport vehicles and the wear on the surfaces your vehicles tread. If it was any concern, epoxy is also a “green”, eco-friendly flooring option. Allowing your brewery to become more in touch with the environment is always an added bonus

As it has already been stated in previous blogs, epoxy is quick and easy to apply and is an extremely cost effective. Due to the extremely durable surface of epoxy, your floor will maintain its crisp professional state for years to come, without having to worry about upkeep or maintenance. Concrete floors will get damaged over time, and will need to be filled in, especially if vehicles and other heavy machinery are being used within the walls of your brewery. Over time, it can be MORE EXPENSIVE not switching to an epoxy floors.

In conclusion, there really is no reason not to switch to an epoxy floor. It’s easy to clean, will maintain its professional style with little cleaning, and will not require any upkeep costs like other flooring bases and materials do. It helps to protect your workers, as well as some of the machinery they rely on. It’s easy to apply, and is better for the environment than your other flooring options. Can you really afford not to have an epoxy floor in your brewery?

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8 thoughts on “The benefits of using an epoxy floor”

  1. It’s really interesting how you mentioned that epoxy flooring helps your vehicles to get better mobility because of the sleek surface and durability of the material. This would be really nice in a warehouse or garage because you could increase the efficiency of the work going on there. The only other thing that would be important to consider is what installation service to use in order to get the epoxy laid out.

    1. Hi Todd,

      Many epoxy systems can be applied in warehouse or garage setting. All of coatings are versatile and many can be used in these types of settings.


      The Brew Floors Team

  2. It’s good that you point out how easy epoxy floors are to clean. I need a new floor for my basement and I’m considering having an epoxy one installed for that reason. I’m going to look for a good company in my area that does epoxy flooring installation.

  3. I like how you said that an epoxy coating will limit the wear and tear between a vehicle and the floor. This is good for warehouses where they have forklifts and other machinery driving around. The floors and the vehicles would last a lot longer and not need repairs as often.

  4. I found it very interesting when you talked about how green epoxy flooring is, as well as how it’s sleek surface and durability make vehicles operating in the facility experience fewer mobility problems and wear and tear. My uncle works in a warehouse on a forklift and I’ve been wondering if there were better options for the floors there than the standard concrete, since that’s what I see whenever we pick him up. Thank you for the information about how epoxy is so quick and easy to apply to the floor and can save a lot on maintenance.

  5. I didn’t realize that some vehicles could move easier on epoxy floors like you point out with the forklift in the article. I imagine that that is why so many warehouses and business storage areas have epoxy flooring. After all, the more efficient you can make your work vehicles, like forklift, the faster you can get that work done.

    1. Hi Kyle, yes epoxy floor coatings will extend a forklifts lifetime. When a forklift is subjected to a harsh flooring environment, the vehicle will wear easier and faster. As long as an epoxy floor is well maintained, they will allow for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other vehicles to operate easier and more efficient. Not to mention that they will also enhance a building or warehouse visual appeal!

  6. I didn’t realize that epoxy flooring is stain resistant. I can see why this would be nice especially if you expect that things could spill on it often. My mom is wanting to remodel her kitchen, but is worried about her grandchildren spilling food and liquids on it. I’ll have to talk to her about looking into using this kind of flooring to help prevent damage.

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