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Which epoxy should I use?

How to Choose the Right Epoxy

So you have decided that you want use epoxy for your next flooring project. Whether you are looking for an epoxy coating for a residential floor coating or are looking for a higher grade epoxy for commercial use there are hundreds of epoxies to choose from. Before you do anything the most important thing to understand is what your end use is. Are you looking for just cover the floor so it aesthetically pleasing or are you looking for a high grade epoxy that will last for years to come. If your like us then Brew Floors is the right choice for you.

All of our products are manufactured with a low viscosity solvent based mixture. What does this exactly mean? This means are epoxies are not made with a water based solution are use low amounts of solvents that allow for enhanced floor adhesion. All of our products are extremely user friendly and require no special skills to apply. The Brew Floors epoxy systems are easy to use, dry extremely fast and provide years of durability. You want a floor that you can rely on while not breaking the bank. We get it. The Brew Floors II, III, and IV systems are all DIY kits at different price points. We provide you with everything from A-Z to properly install your epoxy floor.

Our Recommendations

While all of the Brew Floors products can be used for a wide variety of applications we also want you to be 100% completely satisfied with floor coating choice. Here are some of our recommendations for other products which work extremely well and have a good reputation among the epoxy flooring industry.


Armorpoxy sells a wide variety of epoxy and flooring solutions and have been in business for over 20 years. Check out their products here.


ArmorGarge is florida based flooring provider. They sells epoxy coatings, roofing solutions, deck coatings and various other flooring applications. Check out their products here

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