Micro-Brewing Trends

What is the current state of of the Mirco-Brewing Industry in the US?

The craft beer industry in the United States is not taking any chances with efforts to increase its growth level. The industry has witnessed increased potentials, with clear indicators that the market could rise aggressively in the coming year. Such rapid growth shows that greater variety of craft beer product will bring about bullish trends with no end in sight.

No doubt, up-to-date style data plays a major role in informing how craft beer lovers make decision on the type to go for. With the trend data, the craft is represented, on the one hand, by those lovers who prefer bold, fuller-flavored hoppy styles, and, on the other, by those who want lighter, crisp styles. As you might expect, there are also those who want to go for the two style type at different craft beer festivals and occasions. However, knowing the styles at the national level alone does not guarantee full insight into what the local market offers in terms of brands and brewery.

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If you love IPAs, then you might have issues enjoying upcoming trends in craft beer. If you take your time to find out what’s going in the craft beer industry, what you find out from the actors and players in the industry is that IPA is not getting a lot of interest. But leave them and ask the general consumers, you will get a different answer. IPAs have taken over the market and many beer lovers prefer the brand to a number of other styles in the crafty category’s customer base. What that implies is that brewers will gain more in 2019 offering IPA to consumers and drinkers. Besides, popularity of the brand, the beer is suitable to the palate, more drinkable and aromatic with a lot of hops added.

IPA Could be the Fall Guy

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However, it is unlikely the brand will get the sales rush as it is hurriedly produced. Many breweries, especially startup show their aggressiveness in sales and profit making and therefore rush to the factory and produce IPA beers that are of low quality. History has shown that these products don’t get accepted as well. The danger here is that they lose sales and run short of expected profit while the brand loses patronage overall.

New England Thrives Among IPA Brands

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Although it gives a lot of taste and is becoming a sought-after IPA brand, demand for New England IPA (NEIPA) could recede if brewers fail to brew beers that promote flavor rather than beauty. Consumers want to enjoy themselves and are not just paying for the aesthetics of the beer or its bottle. NEIPA has a cloudy identity: it’s juicy but not hazy, a quality that drinkers still want to see in a beer.

Bombers Has Given Way For Premium 4-Packs

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There’s a new sheriff in town that has displaced the old bombers. The large-bottle bombers and growlers were once on top of the market and a lot of beer lovers and drinkers were asking for more of them even though they were expensive. However, the demand has dropped, leading to the rise of medium-sized container – 4 packs that are affordable and competitively cheap.


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Canning is as important as brewing. Consumers of any income should be able to get the beer they want at competitive price. One of the consequences of the introduction of premium packs is that many a brewer will suffer the brunt. And one such brand that will bear this is the Dark and Barrel Aged beers. Why? The beer does not come frequently in prices that will attract small drinkers and consumers.  While some brewers have embraced the 4-packs size and the 16-oz cans, Dark and barrel-Aged beers still remain in their typical bomber format. More and more people are choosing canned beers over the traditional bottled beers, craft beer producers need to get ahead and take advantage of this trend to retain their customer base.

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