Is Craft Cider a Trend for 2016?

Craft cider is on a rise in popularity in the crafting community. Cider can simply be described as an alcoholic root beer. Critiques of the new trend push the fact that craft cider is closer to wine than beer, but nonetheless, some breweries have already caught onto the trend. Including breweries catching onto the trend, smaller cideries will catch onto the trend too. Like craft beer, cider also has a higher than average alcohol content when compared to regular beer and regular cider, respectively. Cider is popular with millennials. They are 2X more likely to choose a cider than a beer. Since millennials have surpassed the population of baby boomers, they make up the largest population group in the United States. Cider sales have been increasing each year since 2012. Craft cider sales are minuscule to the total cider sales but that is due to a small amount of craft cideries but craft cider sales have been increasing with the increase of cider sales. With this trend of craft beer itself being more popular and similar products, like craft cider, will crafted alcoholic beverages eventually take a majority of the market?

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