How Long Will Your Epoxy Floor Last?

We get this question all the time. Our technicians know how to install great-looking seal-coating floors that will provide you with a long-term solution for breweries or other kinds of businesses. But how long do they last?

Epoxy Floors Last a Long Time

The short answer is that your new epoxy floor will last a long time.

We’ve often seen our flooring installations last over a decade, and many of them outlasted the businesses that they were designed to accommodate. They’re also relatively easy to clean and maintain, and look great when installed. 

Especially for breweries, this is a big value, because your floors tend to get a lot of pressure over time. For one thing, you may have a lot of visitor traffic. Or if your staff is spilling different types of brewing concoctions on the floor during routine work, it’s a big plus for your floor coating solutions to be chemically resistant and waterproof. So the epoxy floor coating strategy is a way to go for many small breweries and others that are expanding, adding to restaurant spaces, etc. In a sense, many breweries blend a kind of industrial environment with a consumer space – some brew areas tend to resemble a milking parlor or some other preparation area. At the same time, nearby, diners and drinkers congregate in a chic bar environment. 

Epoxy Floors Don't Last Forever

Don’t fall for the snake-oil approach that suggests your epoxy floor will last for centuries. Typically, these floors end up needing some re-coating after 10 years or so. That’s not unusual, and it’s not a sign of inferior installation. It’s just reality.

Epoxy Floors For Breweries

As mentioned, epoxy floors can stand up to a wide range of liquids, including both water and more caustic substances. That makes them a perfect foundation for your large brew tanks and brew lines and everything else that you use to create your winning libations.

Check out the variety of breweries that we have helped to outfit themselves for success. As a specialty provider, we are proud to help these businesses to invest and grow and expand in their communities. Having an excellent epoxy floor helps to keep things clean as you work day to day. Look for more information on our brew blog and learn how to “brew like a boss” with the right facility investments and setup.

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