Four Myths about Epoxy Flooring Debunked

More than often concerns about epoxy flooring involves misconceptions and baseless myths. In reality, epoxy flooring is the best choice for breweries, wineries, basements and garages. Read on the find out the reality behind some of these common myths.

Myth 1

Epoxy Flooring Involves Complicated Application

Times have changed and the quality of epoxy flooring has evolved drastically. Today, there are military-grade products available in the market and customers can use them with no special skills. Thus, epoxy flooring also allows the buyer to save application cost considerably.

Myth 2

Epoxy Is No Better Than The Other Paints

Paints are not designed for the same purpose as epoxy. They do not contain hardeners or resins that are needed to protect the floors. Paints are less durable than epoxy and the latter is more resistant to UV rays, chemicals, abrasive materials and so on.

Myth 3

Frequent Replacement Demands Make Epoxy More Expensive

Some brewery owners believe that epoxy floors must be replaced once in 2 or 3 years. This is however just a myth and epoxy floors that have been installed appropriately can even last for up to 20 years. Clearly, epoxy flooring is very cost-efficient and to enjoy the best benefits of the product, care must be taken to choose the right product supplier.

Myth 4

Epoxy Floor Installation Does Not Involve Any Prior Work

Some home owners and brewery owners tend to underestimate the work involved in the installation process of epoxy floors. For the epoxy to blend well with the concrete floor, all waxes, adhesives and so on must be removed and the floor must be 100% dirt-free prior to installation. No matter how good the chosen product is, if the concrete underneath is not grease-free, then the epoxy may wear off too soon.

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