Benefits of an Epoxy Floor for Your Brewery

Benefits of an Epoxy Floor for Your Brewery

When your business is beer, it’s important that you be able to focus on what’s important. That means that you don’t want to spend unnecessary time cleaning up spills, maintaining wood floors, or dealing with things that are difficult to clean up. Instead, consider installing an epoxy floor as you set up your brewery business so that cleanup is quick and simple and you can get back to the business of beer. There are numerous benefits to epoxy flooring, including:


An epoxy floor is hard, durable, and strong. It’ll stand up to things being dropped on it, scrapes, scratches, and heavy machinery. Spills can’t touch it, and they mop up easily. This makes epoxy the perfect flooring option for a business that requires moving heavy kegs, hauling around hops, and the drips and small spills that are part of doing business. When you install a durable epoxy floor, you’ll know it’s built to last and can stand up to whatever you’re dishing out. When you need a floor that will stand the test of time, epoxy is the way to go.

Increased Brightness

Epoxy floors are bright and shiny, meaning that they reflect the lighting of your business back into the room. Much like adding mirrors to your space, an epoxy floor can make your brewery seem lighter and brighter. This may help boost overall mood, especially if it’s a cold dreary day. Brighten up your interior the easy way when you add the brightness of an epoxy floor. You can select the color that works best with your decorating plan, as well, so you’re not limited to the drab grays of concrete or cement flooring.

Low Maintenance

Concrete floors are easily stained, wooden floors are a giant pain to maintain, and you need something that’s easy to take care of. Epoxy floors are low maintenance, especially if you install drains as well. Cleanup can be as simple as hosing down your floors and then allowing them to dry – no need to worry about protecting the finish as it can take care of itself. It’s incredibly difficult to damage, stain, or chip epoxy, so you’ll have very little to worry about. When you need to keep your floors clean and sterile, with a minimal amount of effort, epoxy is the easy way to do so.

If you’ve been pondering upgrading or replacing the floors in your brewery, allow Brew Floors to assist you. We can provide you a quote for high-quality epoxy flooring that’s easy to keep clean and maintain, and difficult to damage. Easy to clean floors means that you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time brewing so that you and your customers can be happy with what you’re producing. Contact us today to learn more about the flooring options that we offer.

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1 thought on “Benefits of an Epoxy Floor for Your Brewery”

  1. Agree with you on these points, especially for a brewery where I assume there is so much moisture and heavy machinery being moved around– epoxy is definitely the way to go. Haven’t thought much about the brightness factor as a selling point but now that you point that out, it makes sense. The brighter the floors, the lighter the interior of the room. That’s an awesome photo you uploaded of your brewery; the machinery and floors all look so nice and new. Thanks for sharing!

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