Addition of Organic Ingredients to Craft Brewing is the Future of Beer Industry

The time is gone when people used to look for Low-ABVs and non- alcoholic beers to stay healthy without giving-up on their drinking habit. And now, it appears to be that people are more fascinated about the craft beer industry to satisfy their cravings. Devon Broglie, the senior principal innovation and product development for Whole Foods Market, says, “The major increase and success in beer is currently inspired by a series of substitutes to the craft beer standards. Hard seltzers like White Claw and Truly are enjoying triple-digit expansion with 2-gram carbs, 100 calories, gluten-free with an addition of 5% alcohol per serving. Similarly, Corona Premier seems to be the leader of the industry because its beer includes 2.6 grams of carbohydrates and 90 calories in every 12-ounce servings”.

Buyers are more concerned than ever about the food and beverages they are consuming. This is why the industry is paying more attention to their customers’ demands. The intake of organic matter is now a need for many people. So, it is not unusual to see people relying on plant, vegetable-based, and non-alcoholic diets because they know that these natural nourishments are healthy for them. The trends of fab diet such as, Paleo, Keto or Whole30 is growing at an ever rapid pace with no signs of slowing down.

The change in consumer taste and preference has made the beer industry tap areas of the market which they never ventured into before. Owners are now aware that if they want to stay and grow their businesses, then they have to switch to all-natural ingredients. So whether they want to create a marketing strategy for their products or use ingredients to make beer, they need to add healthy organic components, otherwise their business won’t be sustainable for the longterm. According to Broglie, the beer companies will need to display nutritional facts and ingredients on their products. He further added that Bud Light will be the first American beer to reveal all the components they have used to make beer on every single carton.

But it seems like there is a whole new sector of beer lovers who just don’t settle by watching carbs and calories on the cartons. There are some major brands who are trying to knock the fitness market. Still confused about what you have just read? Well! Whole Foods has reported that some beer companies are trying to develop beers for various kinds of athletes. 

You can expect a beer for the cyclists, as well as, for the runners soon. A beer specifically made for runners has already been launched by The Boston Beer Company. This golden ale brew includes Himalayan sea salt, 120 grams of calories, 9 grams of carbohydrates and only 4% ABV. Thanks to Shelley Smith, the brains behind this athletic beer, who herself is a marathon runner. 

Broglie also reveals that many beer companies, such as Sufferfest and ZeLUS Beer are using all natural ingredients, such as black current, salt, and bee pollen, to make beers. And their products are being marketed by athletes and their commodities are bring sold at CrossFit locations, climbing gyms, cycling, and running shops. The purpose of such beers is to keep athletes hydrated. Furthermore, these beers are harmless as compared to the ordinary ones, as they are made of rich organic components. 

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