3 Tips for Keeping Your Epoxy Floor Clean

Keeping Your Epoxy Floor Clean Is Not As Hard As It Looks

For routine cleaning all you need is an 8:1 ratio of simple green cleaning solution in a spray bottle mixed with hot water, a broom, and a mop. Sweep away any dirt or debris and then apply the mixed solution. Let it sit for a minute of two and use the mop to swirl the solution around the floor. Once done, rinse down the floor with warm water and let dry. Stay away from using citrus cleaners or vinegar as these products can damage to the floor if applied incorrectly and will dull the floors gloss.

If your floor is near a multiple doorways use a doormat at each entrance. These are the areas that usually get the most foot traffic and tend to fade the quickest. Make sure to shake them off every month or so as not to keep debris and dirt in the room

As Simple as it sounds a vacuum can help do wonders in keeping your epoxy floor clean and well maintained. Many people own a shop vacuum but rarely use it to clean the floors. Once a month we suggest using the vacuum with a floor brush attachment head. This will help vacuum up any debris and dirt on the floor as well as any residue that might be lingering in the room.

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  1. Having read your post to its end, this is called well writing a post that never bores me at any point. mopping is best solution for cleaning the floor. Many thanks for sharing this lovely post.

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