Fun Facts About Epoxy Flooring

3 Fun Facts About Epoxy Flooring

Where Can I See an Epoxy Floor?

A lot of people can barely recognize an epoxy floor when they first see it. The fact is, Epoxy flooring is all around us! Most warehouses and large storage facilities have some type of epoxy or urethane coating down to protect it from the daily use and abuse it receives. Food and Beverage production plants are almost always required to have an epoxy coating to ensure cleanliness and adhere to safety standards. Even one of your neighbors is likely to have an epoxy coating down to protect it from dirt, oil, and car fluid that we all know too well. The fact is epoxy is not new and has been around since the early 1930s The epoxy market is a $20 Billion Dollar industry because its proven to withstand the test of time. Now that you know you’ve most likely stepped on a couple of epoxy floors in the past week or two we will get into some fun facts about epoxy!

Decent and flashy designs:

Oh yea! Sweet looking designs and impressive feel is a complete definition of what an Epoxy floor idea looks like. Many a times, flooring ideas contribute immensely to the beauty of an area; not the mention the serene atmosphere that sweeps you deeply into imagining you were in a heavenly paradise.

Strength and ruggedness:

Epoxy floors are reliable. As long as you properly pre your floor and follow the application instructions you are ensured to have a great result! Its strength and flexibility makes it a great option for hundreds of applications and use cases.


Depending on the thickness and depth of your desired epoxy floor choice, there are two flooring options to stick with. The multiple layers surface with depth of about 5-10 mills or the light surface coating where you are only applying a single coat epoxy.

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