Part 1: Top Breweries By State And Their Best Brews

There are more and more breweries popping up everyday.  In fact, there are more than six thousand as of 2018.  Below is a list of the top breweries by state and their tastiest brews.

One of the busiest microbreweries in Alabama is Yellowhammer Brewing.  They opened in 2010 in West Huntsville and are known for their brews Rebellion, Midnight Special and Hops Fell.

In chilly Alaska there is Anchorage Brewing Co.  Based in Anchorage, they are known for brews like A Deal With The Devil, Love Buzz and Darkest Hour.

Prescott Brewing Co. in Prescott, Arizona was founded in 1994 and are known for brews such as Achocolypse, Raven Maniac and Ponderosa IPA.

Arkansas is known for Ozark Beer co.  Officially serving brews in Rogers since 2013, they are known for brews like Cream Stout and Belgian Style Golden Strong.

In Santa Rosa, California, Russian River Brewing Co. has popular brews such as Pliny the Elder and Happy Hops.

Left Hand Brewing Co. has been around since the 90’s.  Located in Longmont, Colorado, they are known for their brews Milk Stout Nitro and Black Jack Porter.

In Connecticut, New England Brewing Co., based in Woodbridge, are known for brews like Imperial Stout Trooper, Peach Fuzz and Sea Hag.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is very popular in Delaware.  Located in Milton, they are known for their 90 Minute IPA and Firefly Ale.

In Tampa, Florida, Cigar City Brewing is known for Jai Alai, Florida Cracker and Invasion.

Another very busy brewery is Creative Comforts Brewing Co. in Athens, Georgia.  They are known for brews such as Tropicalia and Reclaimed Rye.

Yes even Hawaii has some microbreweries.  One of the most popular is Maui Brewing Co. in Kihei, Maui.  They are known for brews like Coconut Hiwa, Big Swell and Bikini Blonde.

In Idaho Falls, Idaho Brewing Co. has been around since 2009 and have tasty brews such as What A Pear, Red Warrior and Wolf’s Oatmeal Stout.

Goose Island Beer in Chicago, Illinois has been brewing since 1988.  Popular beers include Old Man Grumpy and Smoked Heller-Bock.

Munster, Indiana is home to Three Floyds Brewing Co.  Brewing since 1996, they are known for brews like Zombie Dust, Alpha King and Space Station Middle Finger.

Stay tuned for our part 2 of top microbreweries!

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