Three Popular Accent Features for Brewery Floor Plans

So you’ve invested thousands of dollars in bright and shiny craft brewing equipment for your brewery operation. What else do you need?

Well, of course, you need tables and chairs and counters, and beer and food inventory and glasses, and a loyal crew to keep the customers satisfied. All of these things and more are key to your ability to nail opening day and keep things going well afterward. 

However, it’s also a good idea to invest in some items to dress up your brewery space for that impending table rush that you’re hoping to have for years after you take down the ‘grand opening’ banner.

Here are some of the items that are popular in the neatest little breweries and gastropubs around. Dressing up your brewery space gives you more curb appeal as you work hard to build your startup business. 


A barrel is a great decorative piece for your brewery. It brings connotations of crafted and stored libations and can provide a great contrast to your modern brewing apparatus that’s usually situated off in one corner.

But the barrel also blends style with utility. Setting half barrels or whole barrels in the corners of your brewery can give people a place to set a drink while they gesticulate wildly with their hands, or hop off to use the bathroom.

Running Shelves

Another great way to provide space for unattended drinks is a small running shelf around the interior wall, maybe just under those flat screens where you’re showing the big game

As you’re applying your brewery decals to the walls and setting up other aspects of your indoor space, you can think about where to put a protruding shelf that will give your guests somewhere to set glasses down. In fact, if the shelf is wide enough, you can actually use it for additional seating if there’s an overflow later. That’s valuable because as you’ll find, the ability to add seats in any capacity will help you to scale. 

Rails and Bannisters

This accent feature for breweries accommodates certain kinds of crowd control.

Suppose you want to cordon off an area for staff use. An attractive banister railing can do the trick nicely and add character to your brewery floor plan.

Along with these items, you’re going to want a nice, modern, clean brewery floor. We can help. We have experience applying the right epoxy products and setting up great-looking floors to complement your investment in gear and equipment. Check out more online to see what we can do for your brewery. 

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