Part 3: Top Breweries By State And Their Best Brews

There are more and more breweries popping up everyday.  In fact, there are more than six thousand as of 2018.  Below is a list of the top breweries by state and their tastiest brews.

The oldest brewery in South Carolina is Palmetto Brewing Co.  Located in Charleston, they opened their doors in 1993 and have created brews such as Hugger Street, Charleston Session and Ghost Rider.

Proudly serving the small state of Rhode Island is Grey Sail Brewing.  Located in Westerly, Grey Sail produces brews such as Captain’s Daughter, Flying Jenny and Pour Judgement.

Since opening in 2013, Miner Brewing Co. in Hill City, South Dakota have created brews like Chokecherry Brown Ale, Fannie and Pay Dirt.

Yazoo Brewing Co. has been in business since 2003.  Located in Nashville, Tennessee, some of their brews that are available year round are Hefeweizen, Dos Perros and Hop Perfect.

In Austin, Texas, Jester King Brewery has been serving the community with brews like Atrial Rubicite, Funk Metal and Bonnie The Rare.

Epic Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City, Utah is known for delicious brews like Big Bad Baptist, Fest Devious and Double Skull.

Since 2003, The Alchemist Brewery in Stowe, Vermont have been serving the community with brews such as Heady Topper, Farmer’s Daughter and Focal Banger.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery opened their doors in 2011.  Located in Richmond, Virginia, their flagship beers include Singel, Pils, Vipa.

Founded in 2009 in Seattle, Washington, Fremont Brewing has Universale, Interurban and Lush available year round.

Weathered Ground Brewery, located in Cool Ridge, West Virginia produces brews such as Forever Grapeful, This Road Traveled and Burly Barleywine.

In New Glarus, Wisconsin, New Glarus Brewing Co. has been serving the community with tasty brews like Spotted Cow, Moon Man and Wisconsin Belgian Red.

Award winning Melvin Brewing in Jackson Hole Wyoming have created brews Melvin, Killer Bees and Hubert, just to name a few.

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