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Brew Floors IV is our thickest, and most durable coating system. This is a 2 layer, 4-component urethane slurry epoxy mortar with added silica aggregate to enhance the floor’s thickness while giving it more body and resistance. This thick aggregate-enhanced coating is used by commercial food packagers and some of the country’s largest wineries. Highly resistant to damage and harsh environments due to it’s 8,400 psi compressive strength (about twice the strength of concrete!) and 1/8″ floor thickness. Brew Floors IV is a superior long-term solution for any application. 

Brew Floors IV Benefits:

  • – Repairs damaged/old/corroded floors
  • – Thermal shock resistant
  • – Smooths and levels out defective floor areas *
  • – Highly resistant to moisture
  • – Easy-to-clean surface
  • – Extreme durability
  • – Super high chemical and acid resistant
  • – Environmentally and eco-friendly coating (low odor)
  • – Easy application / floor maintenance
  • – No Special Skills Required for Installation

Brew Floors IV is used by some of the country’s largest, and most established breweries.

Sold by the Sq/ft. Minimum order of 800 sq/ft. Enter number of sq/ft desired in quantity box.

UPDATE: Only available in Tile Red and Medium Gray

*Rougher and more absorbent areas will require more material than a smooth/flat floor.

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Each Kit Includes:

  • Industrial roller pads
  • Industrial roller frames
  • Special ‘gauge rake’
  • Air release spiked roller to eliminate possible entrained air bubbles.
  • Mixing stick
  • Mixing bucket liner
  • Mixing bucket
  • Instructions
  • Pigment Pack
  • Silica broadcast media
  • Spike Shoes (for walking on wet floor during application)


  • Self leveling urethane slurry cement epoxy mortar kit (Part A, Part B, aggregate filler, and pigment pack)
  • Acid/chemical resistant military grade 2-part protective topcoat.
  • Broadcast media (Silica)


  • Brew Floors IV is highly resistant to moisture and can be applied to a damp floor. Extremely resistant to thermal shock from steam and hot water cleaning. Acid/chemical resistant protective topcoat included.
  • Brew Floors IV requires the floor to be shot blasted for proper adhesion. Cannot be applied over existing coatings or tile. Shipping will be added when your order is processed and is based on distance from our East Coast facility. For shipping estimate, please call or email our office at 833-273-9253 or
  • We also carry a wide variety of floor repair items including crack and hole fillers and moisture barrier products.
  • Colors: Medium Gray, Tile Red, Tan. Please note that you will need to add the pigment pack while you are mixing to tint the color of the epoxy. We supply you with the desired colored pigment pack. 


  1. Mix up the contents of slurry kit (A, B, aggregate filler, and pigment pack)
  2. Apply with gauge rake
  3. While wet, broadcast silica sized “00” or “40” mesh until the floor begins to reject it. Application rate is appx. 10 lbs/kit, or ¼ lb/sq.ft. *We will send you the silica broadcast. For delivery please note these only come in 50lb bags.
  4. Topcoat with the acid and chemical resistant military grade 2-part protective topcoat.

*For full details of step by step instructions please see the instruction manual here.

**Minimum order is 800 sq/ft.

***For CA orders please allow an additional 5 business days for transit time.

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Medium Gray, Tile Red


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