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Since 1998 Brew Floors has been the industry leader in commercial, industrial and residential epoxy floor coatings and related products.

Standard epoxies and polyurethanes make for great coating systems in breweries. However, in some cases they are not strong enough to withstand such hostile environments. Our Brew Floors III novolac coating system kit offers substantially greater acid and chemical resistant properties starting at just $2.39 per sq/ft.

Brew Floors III (Novolac) Coating System Benefits

  • Super high chemical and acid resistant
  • Can be used for higher temperature service
  • No special skills required for installation
  • Available in 4 standard colors and over 15 premium colors
  • Dries up to 25 mils thick
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance


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About Us

Whether it’s a new brewery epoxy floor, restaurant epoxy paint, winery floor epoxy, warehouse flooring covering, or concrete paint. Brew Floors has it all! Our products are the finest in the industry using military-grade resins and materials and can be installed by virtually anyone with no special skills required! We specialize supplying our customers with complete ‘Job on a Pallet’ kits that contain virtually everything you need to coat any surface, require NO special skills for application, and can save you thousands of dollars and up to 80% over a contractor-installed floor. Our supplied detailed instructions and free, unlimited telephone support (we also have videos showing how to apply garage paint, epoxy coating and epoxy floor paint) make it easy to apply your garage floor paint, industrial floor or epoxy coating. You’ll have a brand new looking floor installed in no time at all!

Brew Floors is a real company with a real address. We are not an internet seller/broker who works from a basement or virtual location, and we invite you to visit us at our modern NJ showroom and warehouse. We manufacture and supply coatings directly to keep tight control on the proper product recommendations and to offer you the best pricing with no middleman or distribution costs added on. We are here to answer any questions that you may have.

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Customer Testimonials

Brew Floors’ product worked perfect for us. Really easy application, great price, still holding up quite well now almost a year later. We couldn’t be happier!

Anthony D.
Anthony D.East Nashville Beer Works

The product is durable, and easy to apply. We were given some pretty outrageous quotes to apply a chemical and heat resistant floor to our brewhouse floor. Like most start up breweries, we decided to do it ourselves. Brewfloors made it extremely easy for all of us DIYers. The floor came out great! I will caution though, they suggest you mix small batches, and apply accordingly, you should heed this warning. We did not listen, and melted our liner. We reached out to Brewfloors, told them what had happened, they explained to us why the liner melted, and sent us out another gallon. Great Customer Service, with a great product. We highly recommend.

Kody P.
Kody P.State Street Brewing

We opened our doors as a brewpub in 2011 and elected not to spend the money on a floor treatment.  We shortly realized our mistake and in 2015 made the decision to invest in a floor covering.  After a lot of research we decided to purchase and install a Brew Floors Epoxy Floor III.  We installed our Brew Floors Epoxy Floor ourselves and found everything to be simple and easy.  Everything we needed was included and installation was a breeze.  Not only does the floor look great now but day to day cleaning is quicker and the floor is easier to maintain.  Our only regret is that we should have done it in 2011.

With the explosion in craft beer our business has been so good we have decided to open a second larger location in Pasadena, TX to open in the summer of 2017.  Learning from our first experience we are already planning to install a Brew Floors Epoxy Floor before we move any equipment in.  Our only debate is what color to use this time?

If your a brewery or brewpub in planning or one that is all ready in operation I would highly recommend installing a Brew Floors Epoxy Floor!  It is money well spent and you will not regret your decision.

Alan W.
Alan W.Brigadoon Brewery

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